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Upcoming 2022 ECCP Events:
April 11-16, 2022


5-Day, Deep-Dive, ONLINE Training!

In order to be a great coach you need CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, and TRANSFORMATION TOOLS that set you apart from the crowd.


Elite Coaching Certification Program

If you are looking to improve your skills, become a better coach, or redefine your business then this is the Training for you!

  • Comprehensive Coaching SKILLS & STRATEGIES
  • Full Immersion Training with 4 Levels of MASTERY
  • Neuro-Transformational Coaching™ CERTIFICATION

The Elite Coaching Certification Program provides you with the confidence and clarity to:

  • Create a Lucrative and Fulfilling Business
  • Create your Own Schedule
  • Charge as much as you Want
  • Make a BIGGER Impact on the world

Sean Smith’s passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious. He is a polished trainer, a dynamic coach and a master at empowering people to overachieve in all areas of their lives.

Jack Canfield, Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul & Featured Expert in The Secret

Hear What More Students Have to Say

I grew more in 5 days than I have in 57 years.

Jennifer Bussell, Kentucky


I can say without a doubt that this has been the most transformative experience I've had in the coaching world. Getting certified through Sean’s company was one of the best decisions I've made in my career as a coach, and experiencing ECCP was indescribable. Sean has an ability to explain things in-depth without drowning you in pointless information, and his teachings have a way of crawling into your soul and equipping you with everything you need to be a leader and a healer. The transformation I received both intellectually and emotionally through his programs continue to be far more valuable than most things I've invested in. I wouldn't hesitate at recommending his work to anyone.

Alexandra Covucci, Massachussets


This was an extremely valuable experience for me. ECCP gave me certainty and confidence to perform and apply what was learned. Since attending ECCP, my relationship with my husband has significantly improved because of a shift I experienced in the room. In business, I trust myself a lot more than before and I now charge my worth without wavering (and have been paid it). Going through the process and experiencing the techniques was hands-down the most valuable part of the program. I am grateful for this program and Sean's dedication to making it useful and beneficial for each of us.

Teresa Strong Myrick, Florida


ECCP has equipped me with the skills and tools, resulting in high confidence in my coaching abilities. I know that I can help anyone. More importantly, the personal application of what the course teaches has changed my view on life, and how I process and navigate my own challenges. The connections, relationships and bonds that I made with other attendees, who are now family, are the biggest perks, because I now have support from other coaches in this amazing ECCP community. I love this course so much I've taken it 3 times, because each run of the course unfolds in its own unique way. Each course brings new shifts in awareness producing a better me each and every time. I've decided ECCP is required continuing education for me. It's how I keep growing personally so I can show up as a more powerful advocate. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to up level their coaching skills or for their own personal development. Take it once, then take it again, and again.

Yolande Thompson-Azemard, Georgia


ECCP is everything you didn't know you needed. It's an uncovering. It's an unbecoming. It's creating deep transformation in coaches so they can bring their clients to the same depths they themselves have traveled. It's soul shifting, heart opening, expansive, & connecting. It's belief breaking, cellular shifting, & neuro-transformational. It's so much fun, laughter, & tears. It's raw & real, it’s truth, it’s love, it’s sacred space, it’s deep conversation, it’s embodiment and it’s a must attend for anyone who wants to do the deep work. It's co-creation. It's freedom. It's unleashing. It's healing. It's certainty. It's humanity.

Michelle Moore, South Carolina


Ya'll, this work! I had a powerful conversation with a potential client today and guided her through guilt/shame and voicing the emotions. I signed my first year-long (rather than 6-months) client as a result! I cannot wait to be alongside her healing journey.

Erin Baker, Michigan


I’ve been sick for years because of the internal conflict I experienced at my former job. I’m already feeling my spirit come alive again since leaving ECCP. I’ve written more than half of my next book. I’ve recorded & released 3 new podcasts. Plus, I’ve written 3 blog posts and the responses to them have been overwhelmingly encouraging. Thank you Sean Smith & every single one of you for being you. I’m still soaking this in. Love. Self love. This is what thriving looks like. Thriving doesn’t mean perfect. In some seasons, thriving means sitting with the pain without moving to hide it, fake it or fix it.

ShaBree Henry, New Jersey


I have accomplished much more than I anticipated after the ECCP training. The ability to heal my deepest pain is a step that I cherish for I am now reminding myself that it's ok to process pain and stay present in it. Thanks to you my tribe for helping me regain my heart and these tears. I have been set free.

Carol Peters, Kenya


Working with Sean Smith has changed me as a person FOREVER! This program is the ABSOLUTE representation of the word TRANSFORMATION! I went to become an amazing coach and came out NOT ONLY that, but I’m proud to say a more amazing person! There are no words that can EVER describe what we all experienced in that room over those 5 days and no certificate ever received will represent the changes, growth, transformations, and lifetime friendships that were built. DO WHATEVER YOU CAN to be a part of this program!

Carnel Ledet, California


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your heart to serve and take others on a healing journey is unmatched. I don’t know of anyone else who does the work you do. You are such an incredible advocate and I am so grateful for you for holding the space for us to be unmasked, release our pain in a safe place, unfiltered, unashamed, raw, vulnerable and transparent.

Nureka Findlater, Florida


I cannot describe in words what has happened to me in the last 5 days, but my life is changed forever. Who I am as a person has been revealed to me. You will find a new family and a supportive foundation for the rest of your life. I highly recommend this training. No matter what - say yes!

Elaine Williams, ECCP Alumni


I joined ECCP to learn new tools to help others and to better serve, but I received so much more in my own healing and enlightenment. ECCP is a powerful program for anyone who has the desire to learn, grow and serve. I am more confident, effective & am a better coach because of ECCP & Sean Smith.

Matt Gill, ECCP Alumni


ONLY $2,497

Elite Coaching Certification Program

In order to be a GREAT coach, you need CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, TOOLS, a Clear FRAMEWORK and a Level of COACHING MASTERY that sets you apart in this industry.

During this 5-Day ONLINE Certification Program you will receive:

  • Over 20 Breakthrough Coaching Tools, Exercises & Strategies
  • Extensive Reference Manual to Use With Clients
  • 4 Levels of Mastery: Learning, Watching, Practicing & Experiencing the Coaching
  • The Intangibles of Coaching
  • Earn your Neuro-Transformational Coaching™ Certificate

During the course of the week we will cover:

  • Intense Inner Work Exercises
  • Tools to Eliminate Guilt & Shame
  • Keys to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating Expanded Awareness
  • Timeline Therapy and so much more


Be. Do. Live. This is my personal motto. Amazingly simple. Immensely powerful. Before losing my father to pancreatic cancer, his final words to me were... “BE who you can be. DO what you can do. And LIVE a good life.”

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Founder - Elite Coaching University

2013’s “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker”, Sean is known for his uncanny ability to move the unmovable. After almost a decade of motivating audiences all over the world, mentoring business leaders and training coaches, Sean has developed a healthy reputation for his authenticity, and his ability to inspire virtually anyone. He can motivate an audience of thousands or inspire an intimate group of professionals. Through his stories, his passionate delivery and his powerful messages, Sean connects with people and gets to the heart of the challenges that limit potential. Sean’s objective is to help create measurable and progressive change in as many lives as possible and he is grateful for his extraordinary ability to communicate and connect with people.

I am Sean Smith. Father and husband first. Teacher and trainer second. I desperately chased my dreams for most of my early adult life, bouncing around from one career to the next, successful but not satisfied. Living in quiet disempowerment and desperation.

When I finally woke up to my purpose and possibility, everything in my world changed. I still study human behavior and search on a daily basis for the tools and techniques to create a life worth living. I find peace and fulfillment in teaching what I learn to anyone who’s on a similar journey of growth.

Inspiring and igniting meaningful transformations in the lives of the people I serve is my passion and my purpose on this Earth and I look forward to exploring, learning and connecting with you.


This event is about MORE than just your business

This event is about you finding your power, confidence and certainty in yourself to achieve success and fulfillment:

  • Find your Super Power
  • Learn How to Grow your Business the RIGHT way
  • Increase your Income
  • Personal & Financial Freedom
  • Better Help Your Seekers
  • Leverage over 95% of the Industry

In the world of coaching courses, Sean stands out, he is an amazing teacher. Being part of ECCP has given me a strong foundation in coaching & my business

Alison Fowler, Melbourne, Australia


As someone that was completely new to the world of personal development, I still can't say I completely comprehend exactly why I listened to a little voice inside my head that persuaded me to sign up for a 5 day coaching certification, but in hindsight I have never been so glad in my life to have gone with my gut instinct. To say this program is a life changer is a total understatement

Kelly Hope, Ballyclare, Ireland


Invest in Yourself. Invest in Your Business. Invest in Your Future.

Investment: $2,997
(Payment Plans Available)


I am going to teach you, and you will experience the most important and fundamental tools to gain more clients, serve them better and grow your business to create the lifestyle and abundance that you want.

Certainty and Confidence are the keys to your success. Through this course not only will you walk away with 2 coaching certifications, you will discover:

  • Certainty in your SELF, your NICHE, your SOLUTION, your SKILL SET
  • The necessary skills to become a transformational coach
  • More confidence in your ability to change lives
  • Clarity in the next steps for you to build a solid, lucrative coaching business
  • How to master the most powerful coaching curriculum on the planet

I wanted to learn more about how to become a great coach. After attending the webinar, I knew that ECCP was for me because I wanted to learn how to get to the root of our emotions and figure out how to work through those emotions. What I did not expect was to find a teacher that had such an authentic aura. Sean is extremely magnetic. Every time Sean spoke, I saw his passion for being a great coach and when you’re in his presence, you just know that he has a true desire to teach others how to become a great coach.

What sets Sean apart is his ability to express his own real-life struggles with no shame in revealing his pain to strangers, not many people will do this. After attending ECCP, I gained confirmation and clarity that coaching is my passion. I gained confidence in myself and I’ve shifted myself in a way that those closest to me have noticed. ECCP was the foundation I needed; I have a better awareness and understanding of my fears and what it takes to move me forward.

ECCP has truly caused a transformation in my life and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey and helping others transform their lives. I truly owe my progress and shift to ECCP.

Mara Dower, Wesley Chapel, FL

ONLY $2,497